Farch Wen.. our lovely vintage horse trailer, perfect for weddings and private hire

Freshly made pizzas are a great option for evening food at weddings and events. When catering for large groups it is important that the food you choose is quick to make, offers different flavours to suit most tastes and suits vegetarian and meat eaters alike. Wood-fired pizzas meet all these criteria and add an element of theater to the catering as the guest can see their pizza being stretched and cooked to order.


Our large red oven is rarely available for weddings due to commitments at our campsite pitch. However, our converted horse trailer, Farch Wen, is available for large portions of the year. This characterful trailer is a really unique way to serve your guests during a wedding.

There is usually a minimum booking fee to book Farch Wen, with prices charged per head thereafter. We cater using a buffet service where we arrange a pop-up marquee outside the trailer and keep pre-cut pizzas under heat lamps for guests to take slices of at their leisure. We keep a supply of plates, olive oil, chilli oil, pepper and napkins here also.

There is the option of adding sides (greek salad, sweet potato fries, olives and homemade coleslaw) to the service for an additional fee per person.


If you would like to enquire about availability for wedding catering please contact usΒ via email atΒ info@smokinjones.co.uk



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