Our Pizzas

Since we began, our aim has been to create the very best Neapolitan pizzas using the same traditions and techniques you would see in Naples today. We take pride in our product and sincerely hope that every pizza we sell is as good as those in Naples. If you would like to learn more about our methods and ingredients please read on.

Our dough is homemade using the traditional Neapolitan recipe of water, flour, salt and yeast. This recipe may be simple but it is light, healthy and requires the use of the finest Italian “00” flour. Once we’ve mixed our dough it is allowed to proof for 24hrs which is essential for the development of full flavour and a lovely soft texture. All our pizza bases are rolled to size by hand. This technique is essential if an authentic raised crust is to be achieved once cooked (no rolling pins!).


We cook our pizzas in traditional wood-fired ovens at temperatures of over 400 degrees Celsius. This searing heat cooks the pizzas extremely quickly, locking moisture in the dough to create soft and light pizza with wonderful leopard print charring on the crust (cornichon) all of which is unattainable when using an electric oven.


Only the finest ingredients are used to top our pizzas. Using a specialist Italian importer we are able to provide genuine fresh mozzarella and the finest plum tomatoes (San Marzanos) from Italy. We are proud to say that we only use traceable, free range meat from Trealy Farm and Rhug Estate. We have plenty of vegetarian options on our menu and can cater for vegan and gluten free customers on request too.